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About Us

We would like to introduce our company — Iosucon — a market innovative in medical tourism industry. Iosucon is a Canadian-based medical tourism company with presence in over 15 countries worldwide, offering most comprehensive solution to over 200 medical providers globally from India to Korea to Mexico and Costa Rica.

Global Presence

Iosucon’s global presence includes patient referrals from all continents including Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We offer an opportunity for you to grow your business globally. Iosucon has become a leading authority in the field of medical tourism providing most complete information possible.

6 Key Benefits of Iosucon Marketing & Facilitation Services
  • Premier consumer centric portal
  • Most comprehensive knowledge base
  • Direct access to international patients
  • Global patient referral base
  • Global contact centers
  • International patient revenues
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