Find the top medical countries worldwide. Experience your customized health options with us. We're a Canadian-based medical tourism company with presence in over 15 best countries worldwide, offering most comprehensive solution to medical providers globally from India to Europe to Mexico and Costa Rica.


Thailand offers some of the world's best values for a variety of health care. Major procedures can be 50 to 70 percent cheaper there than in the Canada and US. The country had as many as 1.2 million medical tourists last year, making it the top destination.

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Mexico now attracts more than 1 million visiting patients, many of whom are Hispanics from California, Arizona and Texas. Dental work and weight-loss surgery are popular procedures.

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Singapore has one of the most sophisticated health care systems in the world, especially for cancer treatment. As many as 610,000 medical tourists visited the country in 2012, mostly from Indonesia. That makes the country the fourth-most visited place for medical tourists. Singapore has 22 facilities certified by Joint Commission International, the U.S.-based quality and safety accrediting organization. That's 14 more than all of neighbouring Malaysia.

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Brazil is one of the leading places for plastic surgery with more than 4,500 licensed cosmetic surgeons. The country hosted about 180,000 medical tourists in 2012, making it the sixth most-popular destination. A nose job can be had for about 60 percent less than the cost of the procedure in the U.S. There's even plastic surgery available for your pet.

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As many as 400,000 foreigners traveled to India in 2012 for health treatments, making it the fifth most-visited country for medical tourists. High-difficulty operations such as coronary artery bypass graft surgery can be 90 percent less expensive in India than in the U.S.

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Dubai is quickly gaining popularity as a Medical Tourism Destination due to its low cost, English speaking medical staff, and virtually no queues for treatments.

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Some 110,000 foreigners visited Turkey in 2012 for medical treatment, making it the seventh most-visited country for medical tourists. The country, which has more American-accredited hospitals than any other nation, attracts many foreigners seeking inexpensive eye check-ups and surgery. A major procedure such as spinal fusion can be 60 percent cheaper than in the U.S.

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Costa Rica

Costa Ricans are famous for growing old gracefully. Now we know why: Costa Rica is leading the world in what they like to call “age management” in beautifully-located “medical spas.”

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Our network of hospitals and wellness centres stretches across the globe so that our services are not limited to any particular region. Regardless of the type of healthcare procedure you require - from major surgery to dentistry to cosmetic improvements - there are multiple medical tourism destinations that you might consider, but ultimately, the destination choice is entirely yours to make.

Every medical provider listed in our network is experienced with international patients and prepared for your arrival. Come explore the variety of locations with us and see what they have to offer in addition to excellent healthcare.