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Medical tourism or health tourism is the travel of people to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country. Traditionally, people would travel from less-developed countries to major medical centres in highly developed countries for medical treatment that was unavailable in their own communities.

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Top 6 Medical Tourism Destinations for North American Patients

Most Americans and Canadians know a fair bit about holiday destinations south of their borders. For decades they’ve been visiting not only Mexico, but beautiful Caribbean islands, ancient Central American ruins, and exotic South America landscapes for all types of tourism.

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Medical tourism: Need surgery, will travel

What's called medical tourism – patients going to a different country for either urgent or elective medical procedures – is fast becoming a worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry.

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Facts & Statistics

Medical tourism has been around for thousands of years. In fact, archaeological evidence from the third millennium B.C. suggests that people in ancient Mesopotamia traveled to the temple of a healing god or goddess at Tell Brak, Syriato heal eye disorders.

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Medical Tourism and Healthcare Statistics From Around the World

An extensive list of medical tourism and healthcare statistics from Africa, Asia, Central America & the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania and South America.

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